Result Indicators

SUTRI NAMA’s centrepiece is the establishment of a national sustainable urban transport programme within the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia:

  • The establishment of a Technical Support Unit at national level that will provide technical guidance and capacity development for local governments
  • The development of an effective funding mechanism to co-finance the implementation of public transport and transport demand management projects
  • In seven pilot cities, the program will develop a project pipeline of eligible demonstration projects
  • Co-finance of the implementation of demonstration projects in up to five cities (e.g. bus fleet investment, improvement of public transport corridors, parking management and pedestrian programmes)
  • Establish an MRV system that initiates systematic monitoring of urban transport development which is urgently needed for effective decision-making In order to monitor and increase transparency of the achieved impacts.

What the Project does?

  • Drafting and signing of an Implementation Agreement on the establishment of the programme including the TSU concept, office space, and personnel structure;
  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures for the Technical Support Unit
  • Developing definition and development of service packages and modes of delivery jointly with other international cooperation projects
  • Developing agreement with financing partners on standard operation procedures of the financing mechanism
  • Formulation of a financing agreement for the new mechanism of the urban transport programme
  • Development and implementation of a fundraising strategy
  • Establishment of a pool of consultants to support cities on long-term and short term assignments
  • Development of guidelines and standards to ensure a high quality of urban transport projects
  • Common MRV methodology that is agreed upon by the relevant stakeholders in the pilot cities and at national level
  • Reporting of GHG emission reductions, co-benefits, resources used and progress of implementation.